The Last EGG

Thought the hunt has been easy so far? Well its about to get a little more difficult!

You will see on the meet contestant section of the sidebar there are 21 bloggers listed.
On each of the blogs mentioned there will be a clue left in the comments of the top post at the time, you will need to collect all 21 clues and come up with an answer.
It may be one word, or a whole sentence.
(Ecce has no comment function, so comedy got two clues.)
Update: If you have any problems with the last clues let me know! also if you are running a bit late doing the hunt, let me know and we might let you have a wee bit more time!
Then email me with all 20 answers of the The Easter Bunnies Egg hunt!

I hope you have enjoyed yourself and don't forget to vote for the winners of the Craft, Joke and Poetry sections!

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