Could all the winners drop me an email at with the print they would like :o)


The Winners are!

Well only one person got them all correct!

So congratulations
Shaz you win a print of your choice woo hoo! See post below for prize.
Also this badge for your blog, kindly made by Empress Bee

Then we had to pick two from the best of the worst! Only joking your answers were very good, just not quite right!

To be fair and square, only i (claire) have the answers that you sent in, so i gave each person a number without Ruth knowing and Ruth picked two numbers out of a hat randomly.
Here's the evidence!

So Ruth picked out the numbers 2 and 3, who had i allocated those numbers too?
It was Crazy Working Mom (Tish)
and Jacquie!
So you guys also get to pick out a print of your choice! see post below for prize.

The winner of the Easter Joke section is none other than
Comedy Plus! how appropriate.
So Comedy you win a print of your choice and this lovely badge for your blog designed by herself the Empress Bee
Audrey you get one of these badges to!

Next, Who is a crafty bunny? It was Francesca!(Shaz)

So Francesca you get to pick a print of your own!(you don't have to listen to your mum, whatever you want!) Also you get a cool badge for your mums blog, that is if you want her to have it!
All those that entered the craft competition gets one of these buttons for their blogs!

Next, who is a Poetic bunny? It was Mags!

So Mags you get to pick a print and a nifty badge for your blog!

All those entered poetry section get this badge too!
If anyone feel left out? you get this!

WE hope you all have enjoyed yourself!


I'm so pleased that so many of you enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt; I bet the winners will have a job deciding which of those fabulous prints to choose!.........and to those of you who weren't can pick up one of those poetic bunny, crafty bunny or funny bunny buttons just for taking in the "extra" challenges.....and everyone who participated in any way gets a cute chick button. More importantly (as it was the reason behind The Hunt) has been raised for the Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign..............if one day the horrors of cancer can be beaten then it will be our grandchildren and great grandchildren who will be the real winners.
I see from some comments that a few of you had misunderstood when the answers had to be submitted by; we did state when we posted the First Egg that entries had to be in Friday 13th April. Claire and I tried to allow for the time difference for players outside the U.K. and waited until the early hours of Sunday 15th GMT before we "closed" the hunt. You should have seen me on hands and knees at 1am trying to take a video of myself picking numbers out of a hat!!! and trying to only show my hands so you wouldn't all see me in my skimpy red satin "baby doll" pyjamas!!!!!
I know that Claire, Talj and myself will be compiling a Christmas Project of some kind we may even throw in an Halloween one just for fun......but if you are really disappointed not to have won a can always pop to the Online Shop and purchase one. There is also the Auction up and running now. You may like to make a bid for one of the items or even donate something! The Team Smarties are still looking for sponsors; there are flyers and posters that can be printed out....and lots more ideas in the keep a look out on our blogs for updates (and reminders....LOL)
Thanks once again for playing're all stars!

you are all stars!

Pick your Print here!

Hello Bunny Hoppers! Let me start by thanking each of you for joining in the fun!
Winners pick your print here!

The following info is provided by Talj

After seeing the FANTASTIC response to the Easter Bunnies Egg Hunt I have decided to offer a print to each of the Winners. You can see all the available images in the slideshow below.

All thats left is for me to wish you all the best of luck and Happy Egg Hunting :o)

All the best,

Team SMARTies


  1. Pesach

  2. Fred

  3. Eagle Pack Holistic Lamb & Rice

  4. A man who's chewing tobacco

  5. Alexander Pope

  6. Three

  7. A city on the island of Mauritius.

  8. Clowns

  9. A Submarine (out in Larnaka bay)

  10. Patios, Pots & Window Boxes.

  11. Temperature and Speed

  12. Circuit City

  13. A garter snake

  14. Chromosome 15

  15. Gordon Brown texture like sun

  16. Sleep

  17. Orange & Lime Green

  18. The library

  19. Croc (crocodile)



Dear Claire, Ruth and all participants in the Easter fun!

First of all we'd like to a say a big...
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to Ruth and Claire for organising the Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Jokes, Easter Craft and Easter Poems. They have really given this their all and we both appreciate their hardwork and enthusiasm! You girls are really 'SPEC' stars!

Secondly, we have really enjoyed finding all the clues in the Easter Egg Hunt and hope that all those who have participated have had just as much fun!!

And lastly, but by no means least, all the Easter 'Events' have managed to raise a
FANTASTIC £123.00 for Rose's Tribute Fund!!! Without the hardwork of Ruth and Claire, and the generosity of all who've enjoyed the Easter fun, this wouldn't have been possible!

Many thanks to all of you,

Natalya Jagger and Andrew McGill

Team SMARTies


Easter Egg Hunt Rules

Comments on clues will be closed so no one accidentally leaves the answers! Just leave your details on mr linky so we know you're playing along.

  • Easter egg clues will be randomly dropped every day; you will then go off and find the answer. Remember to make a note of it.
  • Its not compulsory but if you would like to do a post about it with a link back to here, that would be nice.
  • You can join in at any stage of the competition, just as long as you email the answers by the set deadline.
  • When the last clue is given email me with your answers.
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday the 15th of April.
  • Along with the Easter Egg Hunt, there will be a Easter Craft Competition and a Easter Poem competition. For the craft section email me with your submissions, these will then be posted for a public vote! for the poems please leave them in the comment section of that post.
  • Just added now an Easter Joke section! please leave jokes in comment section of that post.
  • Surprise Easter Extras will be laid along the way! just in case any of you think you have been forgotten by the Easter Bunny!
  • If you don't have an URL for the Mr Linky box, just leave your name.


Sorry about the quality but happened to have my camera on when Leanne (with help from Manda and Lynn), solved the last clue. She was so excited!!!!

The Last EGG

Thought the hunt has been easy so far? Well its about to get a little more difficult!

You will see on the meet contestant section of the sidebar there are 21 bloggers listed.
On each of the blogs mentioned there will be a clue left in the comments of the top post at the time, you will need to collect all 21 clues and come up with an answer.
It may be one word, or a whole sentence.
(Ecce has no comment function, so comedy got two clues.)
Update: If you have any problems with the last clues let me know! also if you are running a bit late doing the hunt, let me know and we might let you have a wee bit more time!
Then email me with all 20 answers of the The Easter Bunnies Egg hunt!

I hope you have enjoyed yourself and don't forget to vote for the winners of the Craft, Joke and Poetry sections!

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  • The pullalong toy was which animal?


  • Where did this blogger dream they where?


    • What 2 colour's were Kathryn's bedroom BEFORE she painted it?


    • What do Trolls do during the daytime?


      • What was the first line of the song on Budget Day?


        • What Chromosome number affects the size of a Dog?


        • What sort of animal is Petunia?


        • Who deserves an Ass Hat at work award?



        For the cake

        Butter for greasing tin
        200 g cocoa solids
        Dark chocolate
        5 eggs
        250 g caster sugar
        2 tsp instant coffee, dissolved
        150 g ground almonds

        For the icing
        150 g cocoa solids
        Dark chocolate
        50 g butter
        1 tbsp golden syrup

        Heat the oven to gas 4, 180°C, 350°F
        Place the cake on a cooling wire over a tray and then pour the icing onto it. With the back of a metal spoon carefully work and spread the chocolate icing all over, taking care on the sides. Leave to set for at least an hour before transferring to your serving plate. Decorate with little Easter eggs if liked.
        Grease a 23cm (9in) non-stick, spring-release cake tin. Carefully melt the chocolate on a very low heat
        Separate the eggs, then whisk the yolks, mix and stir well.
        Dissolve the coffee in 2 tablespoons of hot water.
        Add the ground almonds, dissolved coffee and melted chocolate to the whisked egg yolks, mix and stir well.
        Whisk the egg whites with an electric whisk until they stand in peaks. Add to the whisked egg yolks and fold in well until smooth and blended.
        Pour into the prepared cake tin and bake for 30 minutes, then cook with foil and cook for a further 20 minutes. To check if the cake is cooked insert a knife and it should come out clean. If not, return to the oven for 5 more minutes.
        When cooked remove from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes, and then release from the cake-tin ring. Allow the cake to cool totally on the base, then carefully remove using a palette knife.
        Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup carefully, on a very low heat, occasionally mixing until smooth and glossy.


        • Which two conversion charts does Ukbob have in his sidebar?