The Winners are!

Well only one person got them all correct!

So congratulations
Shaz you win a print of your choice woo hoo! See post below for prize.
Also this badge for your blog, kindly made by Empress Bee

Then we had to pick two from the best of the worst! Only joking your answers were very good, just not quite right!

To be fair and square, only i (claire) have the answers that you sent in, so i gave each person a number without Ruth knowing and Ruth picked two numbers out of a hat randomly.
Here's the evidence!

So Ruth picked out the numbers 2 and 3, who had i allocated those numbers too?
It was Crazy Working Mom (Tish)
and Jacquie!
So you guys also get to pick out a print of your choice! see post below for prize.

The winner of the Easter Joke section is none other than
Comedy Plus! how appropriate.
So Comedy you win a print of your choice and this lovely badge for your blog designed by herself the Empress Bee
Audrey you get one of these badges to!

Next, Who is a crafty bunny? It was Francesca!(Shaz)

So Francesca you get to pick a print of your own!(you don't have to listen to your mum, whatever you want!) Also you get a cool badge for your mums blog, that is if you want her to have it!
All those that entered the craft competition gets one of these buttons for their blogs!

Next, who is a Poetic bunny? It was Mags!

So Mags you get to pick a print and a nifty badge for your blog!

All those entered poetry section get this badge too!
If anyone feel left out? you get this!

WE hope you all have enjoyed yourself!


Jacquie said...

Well goodness me! I knew I hadn't got them all right because I just couldn't find a couple of the answers - and looking at the official answers I know I got another one wrong, so I am very surprised to be a winner!

Well thank you very much indeed! Thank you also for taking the time to put this all together - it was great fun - and Congratulations to the other winners!

Anonymous said...

Ackkkk! I thought I had until Sunday the 15th??

I'm a last minute girl - it's still Saturday here - only 9 at night!

WTH am I going to do with the rest of my Saturday night?

Serves me right for procrastinating I guess.

Congrats to the winners! :-)

JohnH985 said...

Drat! That time difference is terrible, I thought we had till Sunday our time, which would have been tomorrow but which is yesterday for you...boy, am I confused. Oh well, I think I have all the answers right, but now I'll never know...sniff, sniff. But it was fun playing along anyways. That's what I get for going out and having too much fun, otherwise I would have been spending my Friday night on the computer getting it done.

Shaz said...

Oh, Oh, Oh I won! I can't believe I've won something!! It's been so much fun. Fran's at Pops' house so I'm gonna go tell her the good news, she'll be wrapped & I'm sure the badge will take pride of place on her My Space site.

Congrats to everyone who took part, you are all stars x x x

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

How nice too that everyone who took part gets a 'cute chick' button - I'll display mine with pride!

Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation - I'm sure it wasn't easy. I enjoyed every minute.

talj said...

Congratulations to all the winners! :o) Glad you all enjoyed yourselves :o)

Shaz said...

It hasn't been an easy choice but finally Francesca & I have chosen our prints. Fran loves the bear sitting on the windowsill. I've chosen the bear hands holding the flower a) to complement Fran's choice & b) As a reminder that I stumbles across Talj's blog during Bear Month.

Thanks everyone for a fab few days of fun x x Roll on Halloween

Mags said...

Yay!! Thank you...this was fun...

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