I'm so pleased that so many of you enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt; I bet the winners will have a job deciding which of those fabulous prints to choose!.........and to those of you who weren't can pick up one of those poetic bunny, crafty bunny or funny bunny buttons just for taking in the "extra" challenges.....and everyone who participated in any way gets a cute chick button. More importantly (as it was the reason behind The Hunt) has been raised for the Clatterbridge Cancer Campaign..............if one day the horrors of cancer can be beaten then it will be our grandchildren and great grandchildren who will be the real winners.
I see from some comments that a few of you had misunderstood when the answers had to be submitted by; we did state when we posted the First Egg that entries had to be in Friday 13th April. Claire and I tried to allow for the time difference for players outside the U.K. and waited until the early hours of Sunday 15th GMT before we "closed" the hunt. You should have seen me on hands and knees at 1am trying to take a video of myself picking numbers out of a hat!!! and trying to only show my hands so you wouldn't all see me in my skimpy red satin "baby doll" pyjamas!!!!!
I know that Claire, Talj and myself will be compiling a Christmas Project of some kind we may even throw in an Halloween one just for fun......but if you are really disappointed not to have won a can always pop to the Online Shop and purchase one. There is also the Auction up and running now. You may like to make a bid for one of the items or even donate something! The Team Smarties are still looking for sponsors; there are flyers and posters that can be printed out....and lots more ideas in the keep a look out on our blogs for updates (and reminders....LOL)
Thanks once again for playing're all stars!

you are all stars!


talj said...

Many thanks for all your hardwork! You realy are fantastic! :o){{{HUGS}}} xxx

Stine said...

Congrats to all the winners!!! Great prints & badges!

Kev Stevens said...

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